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Here are the magic items acquired by the party during Tales of 13th Age Wyrd of the Wild Wood Part 3 & 4.

Magic Items obtained from Part 3 – The Tower of Alamede

WoodShieldIronoak Shield of Protection
This shield, though made of wood, has the strength of wrought steel. When a druid dies, her companion tree is made into an ironoak shield so that even in death she may continue to protect the living.
Default bonus: Increase your maximum hit points: by +4.
Enemies engaged with you take a –1 attack penalty against your allies.
Quirk: Tends to others with too much familiarity.

Prismatic Rod
A long pyramidal clear crystal serves as the handle to this wand. The end is tipped with a dark glass or obsidian. It constantly bathes the wielder’s hand in a faint rainbow..
+1 to hit and damage with arcane spells and attacks.
Once per day cast Color Spray at your level, as a quick action.
Quirk: Insists on speaking each letter of a word distinctly.

Brachiating Bracers
These armguards have an embroidered motif of branches and leaves. They subtly bend wood and vines to their wearer, making it easier to climb and swing through the trees.
Add +5 to checks involving climbing.
Gain the ability to traverse heavily forested areas as though flying while not in combat.
Quirk: Always seeks something higher than ground level to stand upon.


Note:  The organized play packet outlined three magic items that the party would discover in the attic of the Tower of Alamain.  The party was given a chance to discover additional magic items during the exploration phase of the tower if they passed a background check with a DC 30.  Background checks in 13th Age work like this:  You roll a d20, then add that value to any relevant ability modifier + level + the number of points in a relevant background.  That total is compared to the DC set by the environment.  The tower environment had multiple tiers from 14 – Danger! to 30 – Magic Item!  Passing a 30 DC is rather difficult.  Breaking the numbers down, backgrounds have a max of 5 points (6 for a bard), level is 2, and ability modifiers for our pre-generated characters cap at 4 (5 is max, but we avoid it as it puts too many other stat mods in the negative).  So to pass a D30 check a player would have needed to roll at minimum a 19 if they had a relevant background and modifier at max points.  Possible, but unlikely.  No one in the party passed a DC 30, but the players did manage to pass a DC 15 to find spell components that grant +2 to ritual check, DC 20 for an adventurer -level rune glowing in an old book, and a DC 25 for two healing potions found behind a cupboard of mold-encrusted jars.  The three magic items obtained above were outlined in the organized play packet, with one minor adjustment.  The organized play packet calls for the Ironoak Shield to have the power “Resilience” meaning when you make a basic melee attack, heal using a recovery (recharge 11+).   Since we had already given a Shield of Resilience to Vaelen during Part 2 of Wyrd of the Wild Wood we simply re-skinned the Ironoak Shield in our game to grant the power “Protection” instead.  The flavor text description and +4 default bonus to hit points was kept the same.

Magic Items obtained from Part 2 – Through the Wild Wood

Ring2Ring of the Mage’s Invisible Aegis
This ring is a remnant of a wizard that served at the Citadel of Autumn’s End. The spiritual powers of the Aegis have infused within the ring granting it powers of protection to the wearer.
Recharge 16+
Effect: You can use this ring to cast the wizard’s Shield Spell, with a level no higher than your level.
Shield Spell: When an enemy targets your AC, make the attacker re-roll their attack roll and use the new result.
Quirk: Hums Tunelessly

Potion Belt
This fashionable leather belt can be adjusted to be worn by anyone. It also provides stylish flaps that can hold up to six potions.
Recharge 16+
Always: Increase Your Recoveries by 1.
Effect: You may drink a potion stored on this belt as a quick action instead of a standard action.
Quirk: Constantly attempts to refill everyone else’s drinks. Or potions. Or ration bags.

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