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Magic Items!

Here are the magic items acquired by the party so far during Tales of 13th Age Wyrd of the Wild Wood.  The first two items were acquired during the last adventure – Wild Things – and the last two were obtained during part 1 – Darkskye Crashdown.

WeaponIcy-Touched Blade
This ice-cold ghost blade is all the remains of a wraith that once haunted the plauged hospital ruins of a previous age.
+1 Longsword
Recharge 16+ after Battle
Effect: Once per battle when you make a basic attack with this weapon you deal an additional 1d4 cold damage. If you hit, the target of your attack is weakened (-4 to attacks and defenses) until the end of your next turn.
Quirk: When idle you can’t help but sing hauntingly eerie tunes.

Shield of Resilience
The original owner of this shield has long passed from this world, but this shield looks the same as the day it was freshly crafted.
Default Bonus: Increase your maximum hit points by +4.
Recharge 11+
Effect: When you make a basic melee attack, heal using a recovery.
Quirk: Eats an odd vegetarian diet and advocates it loudly.

BootsBoots of the Slippery Eel
These soft boots are made from the skin of giant black eels that live among the Wake Island in the Midland Sea. The eel skin soles are surprisingly resilient and slick.
Default Bonus: You gain +1 to your disengage checks.
Recharge 11+
Effect: Reroll a failed disengage check
Quirk: Loves puns

Greatsword of the Bear
The sheer weight of this weapon looks like it would slow the wielder down, but the damage from a mighty swing would be deadly.
Greatsword +1
Recharge 6+
Effect: You may spend your move action to add +1d8 damage to your next melee attack this turn. If you miss, you take that damage instead.
Quirk: Tends to Break Things.

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