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Custom Pre-Generated Character Sheets 5.0

Ding!  We leveled up!  We have a brand new 4th level pre-generated character sheet set for you just in time for Wrath of the Orc Lord, the first second tier adventure that starts the Orc War Trilogy.


Image credit to Pelgrane Press.
Edited to include 4th level tier Icon pictures.

For Wrath of the Orc Lord we decided to level up the 2nd level characters sheets that we offered for Quest in the Cathedral.  Quest in the Cathedral ends with the Oracle being kidnapped by orcs so these character have a pretty big compelling reason to pick a fight with some orcs.

These pre-generated characters are as follows: Wood Elf Barbarian, Half Elf Bard, Holy One Cleric, Draconic Fighter, Forgeborn Paladin, Human Ranger, Gnome Rogue, Demontouched Sorcerer and Dark Elf Wizard.  Keep in mind that this set includes optional races in 13th Age  so make sure to check with your GM to make sure that race fits in the GM’s vision of the world.  These characters are a mixed bag of damage output,   durability, bonuses to skill checks, or abilities that draw from one class to the next.

These character sheets are designed with two options: with a blank background or with character art set at 30% opacity.  Please note that the character artwork is not ours.  Click the links to view all the character sheets.  Examples of the character sheets with background art can be seen below (click to zoom in).  Enjoy!

Wood Elf Barbarian

Wood Elf Barbarian

Holy One Cleric

Aasimar Cleric

Demontouched Sorcerer

Demontouched Sorcerer

Dark Elf Wizard

Dark Elf Wizard

Gnome Rogue

Gnome Rogue

Again, the images shown are just a few samples.  Click the links above to retrieve the .pdfs for all the class options.

(Sarah)    (Ben)


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  1. Question how do you handle the one unique thing. Im starting a group
    and have all zero experience players?
    Any suggestions would be great

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