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Here are the magic items acquired by the party so far during Tales of 13th Age Crown of the Lich King. The first three are featured in the 13th Age book and the fourth is a magic item written into the organized play packet. The organized play adventure lists Silverflame as a magical weapon that can be gained from Shez-a-kah if the party passes DC skill checks. In our adventure we changed it slightly so that Silverflame was found in the icy dragon cave among a pile of bones, no doubt dropped from some unfortunate soul who ended up as a dragon’s meal.

Jeweled Glove (Recharge 6+)
A single glove befit with a variety of jewels. It sparkles magnificently in the light.
When you cast a divine spell, allow one nearby ally to roll a save against one ongoing save ends effect as a free action.
Quirk: Alternatively paranoid that people are looking too closely at your precious jeweled glove and upset that people aren’t paying enough attention to your amazing jeweled glove.  (Blog Note – Read part 2 bluebook posts to see how we played this quirk out.)

Belt of the Boar
A Chain of Linked Plates, the buckle depicts a boar charging.
Increase your Maximum Recoveries by 1
Quirk: Hard to resist taking seconds at dinner.

Rune of Creation
Random effect – See book page 284

This stylishly curved blade seems to shift as it moves, growing new protuberances and shifting its weight to better harm enemies. The silvery metal of the blade is warm to the touch, and will burst into flame when the elven words engraved on the pommel are spoken aloud by its wielder.
[Melee Weapon]
+1 bonus to attacks and damage.
Always: This weapon does fire damage.
Always: While you are in a battle against a dragon or a draconic or reptilian creature (like a kobold or hydra), until the end of the battle you deal +1d6 damage with all attacks that hit using this weapon, even if they are not against dragons or reptilian enemies. Whoever crafted this weapon really didn’t like dragons. I wonder if their spirit still lingers within the metal?
Recharge 11+: As a free action the sword may shape-shift into another heavy or martial melee weapon (longsword, greatsword, axe, war hammer, halbard, lance, etc).
Quirk: Hatred of anything scaly.

Bonus material:  Here’s a great photo taken of our first Tales of 13th Age adventure by Josh, the owner of Fair Game store!


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