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The Journey So Far….

Each week we will be updating the 13th Age world map to show the party’s travels and provide a more in-depth look at the Dragon Empire.  While a few minor places like inns will be invented to suit our adventure, we will try to stay true to the locations as described in the 13th Age book. Red lines represent travel by land, blue lines by boat.


Click on image to view full sized map with destination markers.

Adventure 1 – Alleric joined Augustine and Deneveve north of the Fangs at Oldstone Inn.  Together they set out to find  Jont Urner, the only known adventurer who escaped the Lich King’s labyrinth.  His last known location was Roachdale, deep in the Fangs.  The Fangs are a dangerous place lurking with monsters that fled the Midland Sea to live among the twisting rivers and overgrown marshes .  The party spent the better part of the day traveling carefully not to attract unwanted attention before reaching Roachdale where they were attcked by Vrock, a vulture demon from the Abyss.  After defeating their foe they found that the body of Jont Urner itself had hints of a map through the Lich King’s labyrinth, but only a compass from dragon bones could decipher the runes tattooed on his body.

Adventure 2 – In search of dragon bones needed for a compass the party headed to the White Dragon Inn in Shadow Port to seek out the dragon hunter Shez’A’Kah.   The journey to Shadow Port took them west through the Fangs then south through Bitterwood.  Living up to its name, Shadow Port is a pirate haven, smuggler’s nest and rumored to be visited frequently by the Prince of Shadows.    After besting Shez’A’Kah in a game of chess they were told to travel far south to the cold peaks of Gorogan’s Maw to find the dragons they sought.  Traveling to Gorogan’s Maw by land would take too much time so the party found a boat that would take them south through the Midland Sea.  The Midland Sea had been at peace since the Emperor took power and presented no challenges during their travels.  Few boats these days had disappeared on the seas without a traces and they were fortunate that theirs was not one of them.  Taking port at the western end of the Demon Coast the party continued their journey south on foot to the summit of Gorogan’s Maw.  Gorogan’s Maw was the location where great fiend Gorogan once clawed through the Abyss before the Great Gold Wyrm could seal the gap.  The high peaks were not an actual mountain, but rather his petrified demonic head frozen forever by forces unknown.  The area was known to crawl with demon spawns and treasure.  Where treasure lay, dragons gather.

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