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Organized Play News

Yesterday Pelgrane Press released a great article about the 13th Age organized play program which included a teaser of what is to come.  Originally the Tales of 13th Age organized play program was set to include 13 six-week adventures that each focus on one of the 13 Icons.  Ash Law just announced that these adventures will be topped off with an epic thirteen week long end-of-age adventure.  As two of the over 500 GMs currently participating in the organized play program, Ben and I cannot be more excited.  Because our 13th Age Tale Spinners blog focuses on sharing our experience of playing through the organized play program we wanted to share the news with you.  Here’s the organized play chart:


Based on the chart provided above the 13th Age organized play program is broken down into five tiers based on character level.  The original 13 six week adventures are broken down into four 2nd level adventures, three 4th level adventures, three 6th level adventures and three 8th level adventures.  The final thirteen week long end-of-age adventure will be designed for 10th level characters.

Tales of 13th Age started at the bottom tier for level 2 characters with Crown of the Lich King.  Presently we are on the second adventure Wyrd of the Wild Wood which highlights the High Druid.  Up next another band of level 2 adventurers will explore the towering Cathedral in Santa Cora, home of the Priestess.  The final 2nd level adventure will focus on the Prince of Shadows.  What comes next has not been released yet.

Adventures of the same level will intertwine with each other.  Currently Wyrd of the Wild Wood is happening during the same time frame as Crown of the Lich King.  In the next adventure characters will see Darkskye crashing as they climb the Cathedral steps.  Each adventure in the same level tier will therefore have a different set of characters.  Characters that survive from a previous adventure will have an opportunity to come back during the next tier level.  Each higher level adventure tier will be impacted by decisions both players and GMs made in previous adventures.  Ash Law and the organized play writers do not know what decisions you made though unless you tell them so if you are participating in the organized play program make sure to fill out the weekly feedback form here.

What do you think will be the order of Icons featured in each adventure?


Image courtesy of Ben’s brother, Seth Roby.
Click image to check out Seth’s 13th Age blog which features a fantastic article about the Roller Coaster Method for GMs.

Originally I suspected that the Emperor would be featured as the final Icon as his fate is so intertwined with the rest of the Icons, but with an additional end-of-age adventure announced I am no longer sure.  Ben has other ideas –

Ben’s Wild Speculation Time!

2: Lich King, High Druid, Priestess, Prince of Shadows

4: Dwarf King, Orc Lord, Elf Queen

6: Archmage, The Three, Emperor

8: Great Gold Wyrm, Diabolist, The Crusader


From Ben, “The icons around level 2 are pretty random and generally seem like a grab bag.  But there is something uniting about the four that we know: They all potentially center around very prolific locations.  The Necropolis, Wild Wood, Cathedral, and Shadow Port are all very fascinating parts of 13th Age and manage to show new players exciting portions of the world.  For level 4, I would be excited to see a story unfold about the ongoing struggle of elves and dwarves against the marauding orcs.  It would let us explore some of the complicated ties between the elves and dwarves as well, and let us experience the frontier in the north.  Level 6 would be solidly champion level so it’s a great time to show off those environments!  Enter the Archmage and the Overworld.  The Archmage is logically connected to the Emperor and both have reason to contend against the Three, very big problems for the Empire.  Finally when we get to level 8, its time to unleash the demons.  The Great Gold Wyrm, Crusader, and Diabolist are all somehow linked to the threat of demons, which are big threats to the entire world.  Finally, at level 10, I want to see everyone present and accounted for the grand finale of the age (I really hope the Prince is responsible).”

We will share more information as it is released.  In the meantime we look forward to sharing our adventure recaps and more 13th Age related material with you here.  Thanks for reading. 🙂

(Sarah)    (Ben)

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