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Custom Pre-Generated Character Sheets

Tonight we have a little treat lined up for you…. pre-generated character sheets!  These crisp professional character sheets are designs by Ben in Omnigraffle to fit all necessary information on one page.   No more shuffling paper in the middle of combat to find a spell or talent!  All the number crunching bits such as damage and attack bonuses have been calculated in.  This allows players to focus on who their character is by jumping right into backgrounds, icon relationships and one unique thing.  Since 13th Age is dubbed “a love letter to D&D” these sheets feature a similar block power system seen in 4th edition character sheets.  These character sheets are designed with two options: with a blank background or with character art backgrounds set at 30% opacity.  Examples of the character sheets with background art can be seen blow (click image to zoom in).  As general rules we like having a lot of diversity in character races to showcase a variety of racial abilities and the gender of the chosen character artwork is split 50 / 50 to encourage more female participants in our games.  Our pre-generated characters include a Half-Orc Barbarian, Gnome Bard, Elf Cleric, Dwarf Fighter, Human Paladin, Half-Elf Ranger, Halfing Rogue, Dark Elf Sorcerer.  The link will be updated next week to also include a High-Elf Wizard.   If you are interested in building your character from bottom up we have also included a blank template for your use.  Enjoy!

Half-Orc Barbarian


Dark Elf Sorcerer


Gnome Bard


Half-Elf Ranger


(Sarah)    (Ben)

18 thoughts on “Custom Pre-Generated Character Sheets

    • I’m very happy you like the character sheets! They’re a labor of love and I’m happy to share them.

      Unfortunately the only way to add powers that look as crisp as the ones I have here is with the program that created them: Omnigraffle. However, if you have any program capable of editing a PDF you could probably add abilities/powers/spells to the blank character sheet as you need it.

      On a related note, I’ve always got my eye out for an automated character creator. I figure as 13th Age gets more popular in the community, we’ll see several pop up.

      • Ah! Fair enough 🙂
        The strong colours from 4e really made the powers /abilities stand out. I think that the original pre-gens missed that bit – players had to struggle a bit to determine just how often the different abilities could be used.
        I’ll have to play around with it some more, and see if I can get something approaching your colours!

  1. I really like the sheets. They make the story elements prominent and the color in the powers & talents makes then stand out.

    Is there a way for those of us with a copy of Omnigraffle to get a copy of the sheets or template?

  2. I’d also like to make use of these character sheets for my own campaign. But unfortunately, I’m on Windows, so those graffle files are useless to me 😦

    • You can use them as written using our .pdf versions linked in the original post. These were intended to be pre-generated sheets, not build your own character sheets. OmniGraffe is for Mac, sorry.

  3. These are very nice, but there are a few issues:

    The ranger’s Double Ranged Attack has a typo – at one point it refers to a “double raged attack.”

    The gnome bard’s Song of Heroes should be a Quick Action, not a Standard Action.

    The barbarian’s rage should recharge on a 13+.

    The sorcerer has a nonstandard version of Breath of the Green that appears to be downleveled for levels 1-2. Is this intentional? It’s a cool idea. 🙂

    • Hi Kendall. Sarah here. We can send a master form, but it is useless unless you have Onmigraffle. Or we could send the Omnigraffle file of each pre-gen we’ve written, but unless people have the program you won’t be able to edit them. Let us know exactly what you are looking for.

      • I have Omnigraffle and a pile of pregens I need to put into beautiful order. 🙂 This’ll save me hours re-designing stuff in Photoshop 🙂

  4. Hello… Just found your web site… bought the game two weeks agao and it blew me away. I DO have Omnigraffle and I was wondering how I could find the blank version of your character record?

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