13th Age at WolfCon!

Calling Chicago area gamers!  We will be running 13th Age this year at Wolfcon on Saturday, November 30th from 2:00pm until 6:00pm!  Wolfcon is a family friendly gaming event in Chicago held annually after Thanksgiving.  This year the game convention will be held at the Irish American Heritage Center in Chicago from Friday, November 29th until Sunday, December 1st.  Online pre-registration is now open until November 18th!  Visit http://wolfcon.org for more information.  If you are interested in signing up to play 13th Age you will first need to pre-register.  Once you are registered click on Players > Login (Event Registration) and click on the 2:00pm time slot on 11/30/2013 on your playing schedule.  Select 13th Age from the Events tab, then click “Add”.  Seats are limited to 7 players.  We look forward to seeing you there!


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Organized Play News

Yesterday Pelgrane Press released a great article about the 13th Age organized play program which included a teaser of what is to come.  Originally the Tales of 13th Age organized play program was set to include 13 six-week adventures that each focus on one of the 13 Icons.  Ash Law just announced that these adventures will be topped off with an epic thirteen week long end-of-age adventure.  As two of the over 500 GMs currently participating in the organized play program, Ben and I cannot be more excited.  Because our 13th Age Tale Spinners blog focuses on sharing our experience of playing through the organized play program we wanted to share the news with you.  Here’s the organized play chart:


Based on the chart provided above the 13th Age organized play program is broken down into five tiers based on character level.  The original 13 six week adventures are broken down into four 2nd level adventures, three 4th level adventures, three 6th level adventures and three 8th level adventures.  The final thirteen week long end-of-age adventure will be designed for 10th level characters.

Tales of 13th Age started at the bottom tier for level 2 characters with Crown of the Lich King.  Presently we are on the second adventure Wyrd of the Wild Wood which highlights the High Druid.  Up next another band of level 2 adventurers will explore the towering Cathedral in Santa Cora, home of the Priestess.  The final 2nd level adventure will focus on the Prince of Shadows.  What comes next has not been released yet.

Adventures of the same level will intertwine with each other.  Currently Wyrd of the Wild Wood is happening during the same time frame as Crown of the Lich King.  In the next adventure characters will see Darkskye crashing as they climb the Cathedral steps.  Each adventure in the same level tier will therefore have a different set of characters.  Characters that survive from a previous adventure will have an opportunity to come back during the next tier level.  Each higher level adventure tier will be impacted by decisions both players and GMs made in previous adventures.  Ash Law and the organized play writers do not know what decisions you made though unless you tell them so if you are participating in the organized play program make sure to fill out the weekly feedback form here.

What do you think will be the order of Icons featured in each adventure?


Image courtesy of Ben’s brother, Seth Roby.
Click image to check out Seth’s 13th Age blog which features a fantastic article about the Roller Coaster Method for GMs.

Originally I suspected that the Emperor would be featured as the final Icon as his fate is so intertwined with the rest of the Icons, but with an additional end-of-age adventure announced I am no longer sure.  Ben has other ideas –

Ben’s Wild Speculation Time!

2: Lich King, High Druid, Priestess, Prince of Shadows

4: Dwarf King, Orc Lord, Elf Queen

6: Archmage, The Three, Emperor

8: Great Gold Wyrm, Diabolist, The Crusader


From Ben, “The icons around level 2 are pretty random and generally seem like a grab bag.  But there is something uniting about the four that we know: They all potentially center around very prolific locations.  The Necropolis, Wild Wood, Cathedral, and Shadow Port are all very fascinating parts of 13th Age and manage to show new players exciting portions of the world.  For level 4, I would be excited to see a story unfold about the ongoing struggle of elves and dwarves against the marauding orcs.  It would let us explore some of the complicated ties between the elves and dwarves as well, and let us experience the frontier in the north.  Level 6 would be solidly champion level so it’s a great time to show off those environments!  Enter the Archmage and the Overworld.  The Archmage is logically connected to the Emperor and both have reason to contend against the Three, very big problems for the Empire.  Finally when we get to level 8, its time to unleash the demons.  The Great Gold Wyrm, Crusader, and Diabolist are all somehow linked to the threat of demons, which are big threats to the entire world.  Finally, at level 10, I want to see everyone present and accounted for the grand finale of the age (I really hope the Prince is responsible).”

We will share more information as it is released.  In the meantime we look forward to sharing our adventure recaps and more 13th Age related material with you here.  Thanks for reading. 🙂

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Making Use of DIY Monster Mechanics

Let’s take a moment to talk about DIY monsters. It may be odd to talk about creating your own monsters for an organized play adventure unless that adventure calls for….. spiders. Creepy, crawly, gross spiders. We don’t do spiders. Okay, fine, Sarah doesn’t do spiders. So this week we wanted to show how easy it is to create a new monster in 13th Age. While some d20 games try to simulate all aspects of a monster’s ability, 13th Age utilizes simple mechanics to harness the power of imagination. The book does a wonderful job of offering a breakdown of baseline stats per level as well as a guide for GMs to invent cool abilities that make their monsters memorable. Choose your monster’s level, adjust the numbers, add an ability and you’re ready to go.

So we stomped on the spiders and brain stormed about a new monster that would fit well in the Lich King’s labyrinth. We had the idea of shadow warriors that fade into the shadows then strike at the adventure’s when they’re most vulnerable. This concept was inspired by the rogue’s talent Shadow Step, but we wanted to use a different game mechanic do make our monsters truly unique. The escalation dice provided our answer. Each rotation of the dice the shadow warriors abilities would shift. During the shadow phase they would be harder to hit, but also deal less damage. Role-playing them should be really fun, describing the sinister movement of shadows. They took less than 15 minutes to create.

For any gamers with arachnophobia or simply tired of spiders we hope you enjoy this alternative monster for Crown of the Lich King Part 4 – The Necropolis Maze.

Once legion to a long lost ruler, these creatures now only show absolute obedience to the Lich King. They make no sound and a shift in the shadows around you is your only warning before they strike…

4th level troop [Undead]
Initiative: +10
Vulnerability: holy

Rusted Sword +10 vs AC – 10 damage
Natural hit of 16+: Target is weakened (-4 to attacks and defenses) until the start of the Legionnaire’s next turn

R: Javelin +8 vs AC – 10 damage

Nastier Specials:
Shadow Meld: When the escalation die is odd, the Legionnaire phases into shadow, dealing half damage and taking half damage from all attacks.

Shadow Strike: When the escalation die is even, the Legionnaire may teleport behind a nearby enemy and attack with Shadowstrike.
Shadow Strike +10 vs AC – 20 damage

AC: 21
PD: 15 HP: 60
MD: 17

* These monsters are level 4 so adjust quantity based on party numbers.  With a party of six we aim for four legionnaires.

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Tales of 13th Age


Welcome to our chronicles of 13th Age!

What is 13th Age?

13th Age is a new fantasy role-playing game, designed by Jonathan Tweet – lead designer of Dungeons & Dragons® third edition – and Rob Heinsoo, the lead designer of the fourth edition of D&D®. 13th Age honors old school fantasy role-playing values as it dives deep into rich story telling adventures. The game features a familiar d20-style system, but it lighter on the rules compared to D&D which results in smoother, free-flowing combat. An Escalation Die rule that keeps battles fast and exciting by giving characters an escalating combat bonus the longer they fight.  The game focuses on connecting players to the world they are in through the use of background-based skills as well as detailed relationships with the key movers and shakers of the world – The Icons. Adventures will encourage creative and imaginative ways to solve the challenges set before them.

Who in the blazes are we?

Our names are Ben and Sarah.  We’re a tag team gaming couple that share a passion for role-playing games together, both in front and behind the GM screen.  Ben started playing role-playing games at the youngin’ age of eight and game mastered his first game at he age of fourteen.  He grew up with RPGs like GURPGs, Dungeons & Dragons and Seventh Sea.  Sarah dabbled in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons during her high school years and was reintroduced to the hobby two years ago with Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition.  We heard about 13th Age first when EN World interviewed Jonathan Tweet in 2012 about a new RPG being dubbed “a love letter to D&D”.  With our interests peaked Ben pre-ordered the book and after a few play tests using the .pdf we were hooked.

With the introduction of 13th Age organized play we are excited to have the opportunity to share this game with as many people as possible.  Join us as we share our weekly Tales of 13th Age.   “If you listen carefully, you can hear the world’s song of hope.” – The Priestess, 13th Age

Feel free to contact us!  Ben: JssSandals@mac.com  –  Sarah: Smiller264@yahoo.com

Our Location

We would like to take a moment to recognize Fair Game store in Downers Grove, IL for allowing us to add 13th Age organized play to their Sunday RPG lineup alongside Pathfinder Society and D&D Encounters.  Fair Game store’s goal is to help everyone re-discover the joy and wonder one experiences when interacting with other people over a simple game.  In our age of iPhones, X-Boxes and microwave ovens, we all need to take some time to refocus our priorities and engage with one another.  Face to Face.   Josh, Eric and everyone else at Fair Game – thank you!  We could not have asked for a better place.

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