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Schedule of Events

We hit out 50th post just in time for a new adventure!

Shadow Port Shuffle is the fourth adventure out of a total of thirteen organized play adventures developed by 13th Age.  True to the name, Shadow Port Shuffle takes place in Shadow Port, a smuggler’ haven and pirate resort.  The adventurers each owe a hefty debt to the Prince of Shadows, and he has gathered them together to do a series of jobs for him. Nothing too big: steal this, take that, and don’t get caught. He promises that after completing a series of tasks their debts will be repaid and they will be rewarded for their service.

Each week we run games on Sundays at noon at our friendly local game store: Fair Game in Downers Grove, IL.  An adventure recap will be shared on this blog following each game session.  In addition we will share our activities related to the game; painting miniatures, creating new magic items, mechanic tweaks, home brew rules, etc.  Local to the area and interested in joining our game?  Find out how here!  The schedule is as follows:

The schedule is as follows:

Sunday, January 26th – Part 1 (Deep in the Red)

Sunday, February 2nd – Part 2 (This Place Grows On You)

Sunday, February 9th – Part 3 (The Carnival Caper)

Sunday, February 16th – Part 4 (The Golden Blade and The Kraken)

Sunday, February 23rd – Part 5 (The Big Job)

(Sarah)    (Ben)

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