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And we’re back!

Hi folks!  Sorry for the unexpected hiatus.  Due to the holidays the month of December was very busy and we are just now settling back into our normal schedule. We received the next 13th Age organized play packet today and are very excited to run Shadow Port Shuffle with our players, but first we have some catching up to do!  The adventure recaps for Quest in the Cathedral are in the works and will be posted in the upcoming week.  We’re also happy to say that Wolf Con went splendidly and we were able to introduce some new players to the game.  And by splendidly I mean that a dark elf and a dwarf had to work together in a party of adventurers to save the Queen’s Wood from an invasion of Orcs while a sneaky halfling rogue tried turn sides and disarm the party!  It was quite a fun one-shot adventure – much thanks goes to Ash Law for writing an adventure just for us!  More posts to come.  Check back in soon!


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