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Schedule of Events

Quest in the Cathedral is the third six-week adventure out of a total of thirteen organized play adventures developed by 13th Age.

The characters on this adventure are pilgrims, all seeking the knowledge that can be gained from an Oracle that lives high up in the Cathedral. The Cathedral in Santa Cora stretches as high as the clouds and beyond, and walking the millions of steps up into the clouds is considered a form of worship and a holy endeavor. To reach the Oracle requires a trek equivalent to climbing several mountains, and most pilgrims turn back. Even if the pilgrims are hardy enough to climb the Cathedral there is the issue of the thousands of monks, hermits, stylites, ascetics, zealots, mystery cults, priests, paladins, cenobites, stoics, sages, saints, fakirs, holy fools, desert mothers, demianites, matrisses, nuns, templars, sōhei, mendicants, eremitics, barefoot seekers of truth, and celestines. Each god or goddess of light has a temple within the mighty Cathedral, and to pass up the Cathedral it is necessary to pass through most of them. Some might be bypassed or passed through with naught but a simple tithe or show of devotion.. other holy places are not so easy to pass through.

Each week we run games on Sundays at 2pm. An adventure recap will be shared on this blog following each game session. In addition we will share our activities related to the game; painting miniatures, creating new magic items, mechanic tweaks, home brew rules, etc.

Due to the busy holiday retail season ahead this adventure will not be held at Fair Game, but rather hosted by us at our apartment. Local to the Chicago west suburbs area and interested in joining us? Sign up on our Meetup page using the links below.

The schedule is as follows:

Sunday, November 10th – Part 1 (Ranger Ex Cathedral)

Sunday, November 17th – Part 2 (Clerestory)

Sunday, November 24th – Part 3 (Choirs and Choices)

Sunday, December 1st – Part 4 (Riddlers and Tricksters)

Sunday, December 8th – Part 5 (Darkskye Crashes)

Sunday, December 15th – Part 6 (Sanctuary)

(Sarah)    (Ben)

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