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GM of the Month Prize!

In October we received some exciting news that our blog had been voted the winner of the GM of the Month Contest for the first 13th Age six-week organized play adventure, Crown of the Lich King. Today we received our prize for winning that contest: a picture of one of our party members taking part in the adventure drawn by the talented Aaron McConnel.  Most of you should recognize his name as one of the artists who helped illustrate the 13th Age book.

Aaron did an excellent job capturing our party’s climactic showdown deep in the heart of the Lich King’s Necropolis vaults against Baron Voth, a powerful skeletal lich who guards the crown. Empowered by the Elf Queen and with the help of her brave party members, the elf cleric Deneveve delivered the final blow to Baron Voth with her warmace. With an unearthly howl, the Baron’s body was consumed in a blue flame before disintegrating to dust and falling to the floor. The wretched spark of a soul flew back into the treasury toward the crown, his soul’s phylactery.

Thank you again to everyone that voted for our blog! Keep an eye out for more of Aaron’s wonderful art in 13 True Ways. We hope you enjoy this artwork as much as we do!


(Sarah)    (Ben)

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