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The Adventure of Billups and Kzzmet!

The Adventure of Billups and Kzzmet!

(Last seen during Part 1 Darkskye Crashdown)

When the water from the lake stopped falling Billups found himself soaked to the core and utterly alone.   Any bard who spun songs about the Wild Wood knew it was a dangerous place.  Much too dangerous for a bard to face alone, Billups decided.  Assuring himself that there would surely be more survivors of the crash or a rescue party coming soon the bard thought it best to stay put.  Staying on the ground level would be risky though so Billups climbed the tree that had saved him from the rush of water.  Once secure on a high branch the bard surveyed the surrounding damage.  The crash was devastating to the surrounding forest.  This event would be remembered in ages to come.  Determined to be the first to tell the tale the bard began composing a song about the crash of Darkskye.  If he was lucky perhaps someone would hear him and help him out of this dangerous area.  Compiling his words, he began…

Once an island enchanted by flight,

To keep the distrustful out of sight,

Magnificent it rose through the air,

Yet flown too close to the dragon lair,


Deep in the island in tunnels old,

Lay crystals of power yet untold,

Magic energies twisted corrupt,

Did cause mighty Darkskye to erupt,


With twists and turns the island cried,

As old enchantments slowly died,

Flight stripped away; situation grim,

The fate of so many looked so dim,


Wild magic burned, crystals aglow,

Down Darksyke fell into woods below,

Destruction echoed far as thunder,

As the Wild Wood was torn asunder,


Countless voices now have ceased,

A lucky few are blessed! Released!

Prisoners no longer bound by cages,

Fighting for survival as the Wild Wood rages,

A noise below gave the bard pause.  Looking down Billups saw that his voice had indeed attracted attention, but not the type he desired.  Below enraged water nymphs circled his tree, angered by the destruction the lake water and crash had wrought upon the land.  Nervously Billups crept up a little higher on the tree and changed his tune…

Now here I stay among branch and leaf,

While unpleasant things crept beneath…

“QUIT YER YAPPING!” A voice called down below.  The high elf looked down from his perch again just in time to see Kzzmet crush one of the enraged water nymphs with his hammers.  The dwarf ranger had come back for him!  Perhaps he had a way out of this mess yet…
(Sarah)    (Ben)

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