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The Journey Continues…

Red lines represent travel by land, blue lines by boat.


Click on image to view full sized map with destination markers.

Traveling down from the cold peaks of Gorogan’s Maw the party headed west to the closest city in hopes of finding a port with a ship that would take them to Necropolis. Once they reached flat-lands travel became easier and before long a vast city of flying buildings and floating ramps lie before them. They had reached Horizon, city of wonders. Home to an unparalleled amount of libraries full of arcane lore, Horizon was home to the Archmage. It was a much safer city compared to the likes of Shadow Port, so long as you avoided crazed arcanists that liked meddling with things that they ought not meddle with. Securing a captain and ship that would take them to Necropolis took the better half of a day so the party set sail the next morning. Their travels on the Midland Seas were not as uneventful as their first however. As they neared the shores to Necropolis a Death-Kraken emerged from the dark waters and attacked both party and crew. After narrowly avoiding being shipwrecked the party was taken to the shores of Necropolis. Endless rows of gravestones lay before them, so far as the eye could see in the fog that had settled around them. Necropolis had once been home to the former Wizard King, but the Wizard King’s palace and formerly loyal subjects had been tainted by the Lich King’s power when the Lich King claimed the island as his own. It was a place that few living things dared to enter and fewer yet left still alive.

The Crown of the Lich King parts 4, 5 and 6 all take place on Necropolis. As such this will be the final update to the Dragon Empire map for this organized play adventure.

(Sarah)    (Ben)

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