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Part 3 Bluebook – Alleric

Into the mind of Alleric, dark elf sorcerer: 

BlueBooksThe Magic Barnacle was a fine enough establishment, and I headed for the bar while my companions questioned patrons about a ship to take us to Necropolis. My goal was to try a pint of their finest brew and chat up a few locals. It’s possible that I might get us a ship before those goody-goody types could, and I might as well at least try. Going into my second pint I managed to convince a few locals to play a game of “Coppers” where you bounce a copper piece off of the bar and try to land it in a cup. Great fun. I vaguely recall my companions shouting at some captain or other, discussing loudly things like honor and bravery, but frankly I found the discussion boring and I quickly returned to my game. Sometime after the fourth pint I realized that my group had left the tavern, and I think I recall some vague mention of getting supplies and finding an inn for the night. I decided at this point that I could continue my drinking and stay in the tavern, thus saving the cost of a room. Pretty clever, I know, and it worked out pretty well. I won enough playing Coppers to buy a bottle of “Jack Daniels Mystical Healing Draught” for the road.
* * *
Sunlight is painfully bright, I notice. I dislike it a lot on a normal day, but today was especially rough after my evening at the Barnacle. I think I’ll just pull my cloak a little tighter and let my companions handle whatever has to be done today.
* * *
This ship is a piece of crap and the crew isn’t much better. The captain gives the illusion of being a respectable chap, but it’s clear that his crew doesn’t run in the same social circles. Half of the crew look like a bunch of thugs and pirates, and the other half are orcs and other lowlife scum. I decide that it’s to my advantage to stay in the bow near the steering wheel to perhaps gain some understanding of how this ship works. It would not surprise me if we have to take over the ship and someone has to know how to steer the thing. I should note for future reference that ships tend to make one ill and excessive pint consumption does the same thing, but the combination seems to counteract one another. Interesting.
* * *
The best thing about the seas near Necropolis is that the darned sun is obscured by a heavy bank of clouds pretty much the whole time. The water is sort of an ugly grey, which ordinarily would trouble me but I was kind of expecting something like this. If we can survive the lurker in the deeps, then we get to face the city of the dead.
* * *
Necropolis is more creepy than I had expected. Skeletons digging and filling graves, yet watching us. I saw that ring in the one crypt and just knew that I ought to possess it. The fools I travel with are afraid of the skeletons, but the risk of angering them is worth the value of the ring. And, since it’s my destiny I must get it.
* * *
The battle with the skeleton giant was pretty nasty, but probably not as nasty as the gates of Necropolis which are staring at us. If it seemed like the graveyard skeletons were watching us, the gates seem to be even more sinister and watchful. Our quest lies therein, however, so therein we shall go….
(Sarah)    (Ben)

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