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Part 2 Bluebook – Deneveve

Inner musings of Deneveve, elf cleric: 
BlueBooksDeneveve tugged at her jeweled gloves, making sure they were snug around her hands.  The movement wasn’t required – the gloves fit her perfectly the moment she slipped them on after exiting that dreafully unholy living dungeon called Roachdale – but it was a comforting movement to remind herself that they were still on her hands.  To think that Alleric, their dark elf “companion”, would try bartering off her precious gloves to the dragon hunter Shez-a-kah to gain information on a dragon’s where-abouts without first consulting her of her opinion on the matter was simply absurd.  At least Shez-a-kah gave her newly aquired gloves the admiration they deserved….. the sparkle, the shine, they were really quite lovely, weren’t they?  Thank the Priestess that her noble companion Augustine guarenteed that her gloves continued to stay in her posession by besting the dragon hunter in a game of wits and chess. 
For a brief moment Deneveve questioned when she had started caring so much about material things.  In what almost seemed like another life she served as a bodyguard to royalty, but had never owned anything more than what was required to carry out her duties.  When her life fell into darkness and the Priestess granted her a new one in the Cathedral she had taken nothing but the clothes on her back to call her own.  Books and holy scripture were the only thing that she cared for in the years since.  Yet here she was marveling over some shiny metal that protected her hands with the same awe she had seen ladies of the court take when presented with glittering gems.  Just then a soft glow of sunlight caught her jeweled gloves and was reflected beautifully in tiny rays of light.  Sensibility was cast aside.  Surely such gloves were only befitting of someone who served the god of Light.  
Her thoughts soured as they returned to Alleric.  The Priestess grant her patience.  Trying to barter her gloves away was not the only trouble that the dark elf had brought to their latest travels. The road ahead had unimaginable dangers enough without Alleric turning a group of white dragon hatchlings against them.  Gods of Light have mercy, she had actually believed this dark elf when he said he spoke proper Draconic.  Perhaps that breath of ice he took to the face when he tried walking past the dragons would teach him next time to take more care in the words he spoke.  Deneveve had healed him of course.  It was, after-all  the proper thing to do.  Augustine had accepted the dark elf’s aid as a way to redeem himself from no doubt a wicked past and she had sworn her services as a healer to Augustine.  It seemed everyone in this small band of adventurers was on a path of redemption from their past, but without a doubt Alleric had the longest way to go.  
Despite the dark elf’s misgivings, she could not deny that he was becoming a valued member in their party.  With everything she and Augustine had encountered in the short time since they left the Cathedral it was only by the god of Light’s grace that they were still alive.  The evil she encountered in the living dungeon was enough for one adventurer’s lifetime, but in the days since they had also come up against dragon.  Dragons!  Not one, but three!  Plus the hatchlings and an entire camp of kobolds.  Alleric was not proving very useful when it came to getting information…. or facilitating peace talks among dragons…but at least his skills in arcane destruction helped them all stay alive when enemies struck.  Deneveve would do her part as a cleric to keep him alive in turn.  As long as he didn’t try to remove her jeweled gloves from her possession again.  

(Sarah)    (Ben)

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