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Part 2 Bluebook – Alleric

Into the mind of Alleric, dark elf sorcerer: 


Note to self: send goody-two-shoes cleric and holier-than-thou paladin (!) on wild goose chase before:
(1) talking with pain-in-the-ass dragon hunters, and
(2) encountering fledgling dragons.
A little gentle persuasion might have been very helpful in those particular situations, not to mention the enormous amount of time we could have saved.  Still, I can add another notch or two to my staff.  How many fledglings add up to a full notch, I wonder?  Should one consider mass?  Volume?  Collar size?
Second note: One might think I’d remember the scorching I got learning dragonspeak and not attempt to use it in situ, so to speak.  But nooooo.  Mind, I think my attempt at communication with the fledglings and my initial defensive posture towards their rein-dragon games impressed the paladin no end.  His good will might yet come in handy.
I am also thinking if I’d left the cleric behind, the dragon might have spit out the indigestible parts and left them for me to pick up later.  Do jeweled gloves have any nutritional value at all?  I think not.  

(Sarah)    (Ben)

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