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Tales of 13th Age


Welcome to our chronicles of 13th Age!

What is 13th Age?

13th Age is a new fantasy role-playing game, designed by Jonathan Tweet – lead designer of Dungeons & Dragons® third edition – and Rob Heinsoo, the lead designer of the fourth edition of D&D®. 13th Age honors old school fantasy role-playing values as it dives deep into rich story telling adventures. The game features a familiar d20-style system, but it lighter on the rules compared to D&D which results in smoother, free-flowing combat. An Escalation Die rule that keeps battles fast and exciting by giving characters an escalating combat bonus the longer they fight.  The game focuses on connecting players to the world they are in through the use of background-based skills as well as detailed relationships with the key movers and shakers of the world – The Icons. Adventures will encourage creative and imaginative ways to solve the challenges set before them.

Who in the blazes are we?

Our names are Ben and Sarah.  We’re a tag team gaming couple that share a passion for role-playing games together, both in front and behind the GM screen.  Ben started playing role-playing games at the youngin’ age of eight and game mastered his first game at he age of fourteen.  He grew up with RPGs like GURPGs, Dungeons & Dragons and Seventh Sea.  Sarah dabbled in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons during her high school years and was reintroduced to the hobby two years ago with Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition.  We heard about 13th Age first when EN World interviewed Jonathan Tweet in 2012 about a new RPG being dubbed “a love letter to D&D”.  With our interests peaked Ben pre-ordered the book and after a few play tests using the .pdf we were hooked.

With the introduction of 13th Age organized play we are excited to have the opportunity to share this game with as many people as possible.  Join us as we share our weekly Tales of 13th Age.   “If you listen carefully, you can hear the world’s song of hope.” – The Priestess, 13th Age

Feel free to contact us!  Ben: JssSandals@mac.com  –  Sarah: Smiller264@yahoo.com

Our Location

We would like to take a moment to recognize Fair Game store in Downers Grove, IL for allowing us to add 13th Age organized play to their Sunday RPG lineup alongside Pathfinder Society and D&D Encounters.  Fair Game store’s goal is to help everyone re-discover the joy and wonder one experiences when interacting with other people over a simple game.  In our age of iPhones, X-Boxes and microwave ovens, we all need to take some time to refocus our priorities and engage with one another.  Face to Face.   Josh, Eric and everyone else at Fair Game – thank you!  We could not have asked for a better place.

Legal Notice

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(Sarah)    (Ben)

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